Fewer staff and more security through complete automation of your self-storage

Fully automated access systems and surveillance systems for your self-storage

Fewer staff and more security through complete automation of your self-storage

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Granting customers access to self-storage at any time and ensuring the right level of security and service can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Thanks to our automatic systems, however, such problems are a thing of the past.

The following things can be easily automated:

Be on the
safe side

The outer skin of the building is completely time-controlled and secured according to areas. The boxes are monitored here with box watchers (motion detectors). What makes the sabotage of magnetic contacts difficult. Our cameras record every movement. Alarms are transmitted to a security guard, a smartphone and / or via email. In this way, locations can be operated completely automatically.

Eitek Selfstorage Gebäudeautomation Kameraüberwachung Bewegungsmelder

Zutrittssystem in Kooperation mit SC Solutions und Sensorberg

Access system

Nothing escapes our access system and grants entry according to your ideas. It does not matter whether access is to be enabled for a single license plate, a specific person and / or at specific times.
Selfstorage Intelligentes Zutrittssystem

customer management

The access system can take over the customer administration directly and accordingly assign the rights for persons or vehicles individually, which the monitoring system takes into account. Of course, various external management programs can also control the access system. Our telephone system can also use this customer data or interested parties to route telephone calls to a specific location.

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building automation

Building automation must not be missing for optimal control. Temperature, humidity or wind speeds can support the air conditioning of the house and ensure pleasant working conditions even in the most winding corridors.

Selfstorage Gebäude-Automation

Benefit from our
innovative technology

What are the steps
to the self-storage solution?

Eitek Selfstorage Support

Contact us

Call us or use the contact form. We advise you extensively and make sure that no question remains unanswered. 

We are on our way

Once you have made the decision and opted for our automation solution, we will be on our way to your self-storage. We check your units for automation and monitoring options and prepare all the necessary steps for installing your automation system.

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Eitek Selfstorage Installation

We start with the installation

After successful planning, our experts install the technology. We do not restrict day-to-day business and work inconspicuously.

Enjoy the won Security and comfort

You benefit from more flexibility and security, which conserves your resources and thus saves you money. With the new convenience you benefit from satisfied customers and thus secure the existence of your storage.

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EITEK GmbH: Always on the cutting edge

The company EITEK GmbH was founded in 2003 by Manuela and Frank Pieper. The name already says it all: electrical, information and telecommunication technology. Our core competencies lie in the profound knowledge in these areas and the commitment with which we constantly educate ourselves and learn new things in courses in order to always be up to date for our customers.


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